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    Jennings Wastewater Treatment Plant Potable Water Supply Project
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    City of Modesto
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    Non-Mandatory - Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.
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    Mike DeRousse
    The work generally involves furnishing of labor, equipment, and materials necessary to install and construct the Jennings Wastewater Treatment Plant Potable Water Supply Project. The Project includes equipping an existing 6-inch cased well with a submersible pump and motor, a 5,000 gallon HDPE water storage tank, small sodium hypochlorite tank and feed system, triplex booster pump system; including a l0 gpm jockey pump and two (2) 50 gpm booster pumps, 500 gallon hydropneumatic bladder tank, approximately 2,800 feet of 4-inch PVC waterline and appurtenances, site piping, fencing, electrical and instrumentation, and all appurtenances and incidental work necessary for a complete and operable system per the plans and specifications.
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