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    Diana Well #1A Pump Station Project
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    City of Morgan Hill
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    Steve Murphy
    The Scope of Work for the general construction of a well pump station and associated facilities includes: furnishing all materials, labor, equipment, fuel, tools, transportation and services required for modifications, construction, testing and installation of one new water lubricated vertical turbine well pump (to replace an existing submersible pump), with a design capacity of approximately 900 gpm to the new Diana Well #1A location approximately 60 feet away from the existing Diana Well #1 and all related underground and aboveground piping, backfill materials, surfacing materials, instrumentation, electrical equipment, verification of the exact location and depth of existing subsurface facilities, excavation and installation of below-ground water pipe and appurtenances, placement and compaction of backfill materials; installation of temporary security fencing; and the furnishing of all other products, materials, and construction of all other improvement work as shown on the plans and or described in the specifications. All equipment, labor and materials shall be provided in accordance with the City’s specifications, performance standards, applicable local and state regulations and these Technical Provisions. The existing 100 horsepower vertical turbine pump and discharge head currently used on the existing Diana #1 well is to be relocated and re-installed at the new Diana Well #1A location.
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