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    Well No. 19 Pump & Motor Controls Upgrades, Project 11-04
    Submitting Company
    City of Mountain View
    Bid Walk Information
    Mandatory ~ Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.
    Bid Opening Date
    Estimated Cost
    $230,000.00 to $270,000.00
    Steve Murphy
    The Work required relating to the retrofit and upgrade of an existing pump station includes, but is not limited to the following: 1. Installation of a 125 horsepower vertical turbine lineshaft pump and motor on an existing well discharge flange. 2. Demolition of existing concrete slab section and AC, and trenching to tie-in to existing copper water service line. Relocation of a backflow preventer and installation of a waterlube well pump lubrication assembly. Backfill and replacement of demolished well station trench AC. 3. Modification of existing well air vent pipe complete with fittings and screened vent. 4. Modification of station piping to include installation of spools, flanges, gauges, butterfly valve, motorized actuator, water lubrication and drain system, and all other related appurtenances, to connect to the existing well head. 5. Installation of a deep well level transducer, complete with sensor termination box and process indicator. 6. Installation of electrical improvements including new breaker and feeder bucket, new VFD with HVAC unit, connections to transducer and motorized valve, and all conduits, wiring, and accessories. 7. Painting of all new and existing above ground ductile iron station piping and electrical conduits with liquid epoxy coating system. 8. Removal and disposal of old well station piping and cables, and restoration and clean up of the site after project completion. 9. Performance testing of the vertical turbine well pump and all newly installed pump station appurtenances. 10. Disinfection of the well, pump, and all piping and fittings. 11. Development of a Traffic Control Plan and implementation of the plan while discharge of initial discharge and disinfectant water from the well is diverted to a sanitary sewer manhole located in the Evelyn Avenue roadway approximately 100 feet away from the site. 12. Record keeping of submittals and performance testing. 13. Submission of all operation and maintenance manuals.
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