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    Well No. 14 GAC Vessel Relocation and Treatment
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    City of Reedley
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    August 28, 2013

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    Steve Murphy

    This project involves the dismantling of two granular activated carbon (GAC) pressure vessel skids (two vessels per skid) at City Well Nos. 6 and 9 and relocation of the skids to City Well No. 14 site (currently under construction by others).  Work includes disassembly of the process piping connecting the GAC vessels on each skid, cleaning and painting of the vessels and associated piping, testing the vessel interior lining for damage or holiday and repair of the lining as necessary, placement of the skids on a new concrete pad (constructed by others), and then reassembly of the process piping.  Finally, work includes installation of 80,000 lbs of virgin GAC and associated water testing to confirm that the GAC is meeting treatment goals.

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