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    Union Road Pump Station Improvement Project
    Submitting Company
    City of Manteca
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    Mandatory Pre-bid Thursday September 4, 2014

    Bid Opening Date
    Estimated Cost
    Steve Murphy

    Furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment, and performing all work necessary and incidental to the construction of the project known as the City of Manteca Union Road Pump Station Refurbishment according to the plans and specifications as prepared by the city of Manteca and according to the Contract Documents.  the work includes the demolition and replacement of circuit breakers, motor starters, variable frequency drives, and PLC for three wastewater pumps, system intergration, and temporary bypass pumping in accordance with the performance specifications.

    Construction Documents

    union rd ps-manteca-plans.pdf


    union rd ps manteca-specs.pdf

    Additions & Updates

    union rd ps-manteca add 1.pdf

    union rd ps-manteca add 2.pdf

    union rd ps-manteca add 3.pdf