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    Aurburn Ravine Lift Station Improvements Project 40202
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    Derek Scalise

    A       The work covered under this Contract will be performed at the site of the existing Auburn Ravine Lift Station. The project location is shown on the Drawings.



    B        The Work includes, but is not limited to:

    1.          Bypass pumping around the project area.

    2.          Demolish portions of the existing control room and wet well structural elements.

    a.        Reuse existing wet well and mechanical room.

    3.          Demolish existing mechanical equipment.

    4.          Convert existing mechanical room to valve vault with new separate access.

    5.          Furnish and install new piping from the wet well to the mechanical room.

    6.          Repair previous piping penetrations.

    7.          Demolish existing influent channel structural elements.

    8.          Reconfigure influent channel.

    9.          Construct new wood framed control room.

    10.       Install new pumps, valves, sewage grinder, and flow meter.

    11.       Construct new bridge over existing bridge.

    12.       Coordinate new electrical service from PG&E.

    13.       Startup and test new lift station equipment.

    14.       Demolish existing storage tanks and construct new storage tanks.

    a.             Reuse existing storage tank pump out equipment.

    b.            Test new tanks for water tightness.

    15.       Re-connect new storage tanks to sewer system.

    16.       Excavation, paving and grading.

    17.       Electrical, instrumentation and controls.



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