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    Chain of Lakes Wells Nos. 1 & 2 facilities and sitework - AC-180-08
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    Zone 7 Water Agency
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    Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting and Mandatory Site Visit at 1:00 PM, on June 19, 2008

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    John Onken

    The work consists of the following: Construction of a new well pump facility and sitework at Well Site 1. The new pump facility includes, but is not limited to, construction of a new 5,685 square-foot concrete masonry unit (CMU) building with standing seam metal roof, a new 400 horsepower deep well pump and variable frequency drive, chemical storage and feed systems (including aqueous ammonia and sodium hypochlorite), electrical room, equipment storage room, office, future chemical storage room, restroom, surge suppression system, fire suppression system and all piping, valves and appurtenances and protective coatings required for the intended operation of the system. The work includes installation of electrical and instrumentation equipment, conduit and wiring and an emergency back-up generator and propane fuel storage tank. The sitework at Well Site 1 shall include, but not be limited to, grading and paving the area around the pump facility, fencing, installing a stormwater collection system and installing a pump-to-waste discharge pipe, and energy dissipating outlets into Cope Lake.


    Construction of water transmission lines between Well Sites 1 and 2 and future Well Sites and a tie-in to a new transmission main that will be installed as part of another Contract. The transmission pipelines include the installation of a new 14" untreated groundwater pipeline (approx. 2450 feet) from Well Site 2 to Well Site 1, a 24" untreated groundwater pipeline (approx. 850 feet) from the tie-in pint in the private Haul Road west of Well Site 1 to Well Site 1, and a 30" treated water pipeline (approx. 750 feet) from Well Site 1 to the tie-in point in the private Haul Road west of Well Site 1. This work also includes road improvements including grading, asphaltic concrete pavement, aggregate base course, and construction of drainage ditches and culverts.

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