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    Riverbank Well 12 Construction Equipping of Production of Well 12
    Submitting Company
    Nolte Associates, Inc.
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    Monday, June 15, 2009 at 2:00 PM

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    Mike DeRousse

    Scope of Work shall include but is no limited to the following; Provide all material, labor, equipment, service, etc. necessary and incidental for the complete scope of work as per plans, specifications, uniform building code, soils report, federal, state and local governing agencies and Pacific West Builders, Inc. dba Idaho Pacific West Builders, Inc. criteria. Contract includes but is not limited to the following:

    1.  Work on this project includes, but is not limited to, constructing well building, furnishing and installing all piping, valves, appurtenances, well pump and motor, chlorine system, complete electrical and control systems, power connection and emergency generator.

    2.  The attached Proposal and bid Bid Form, including BID SCHEDULE; Supplementary Conditions; Technical Specifications; shall be part of this scope of work and included as Contract Documents as defined in Section IV-A of the Subcontract.

    3.  Under the direction of the superintendent, it is the subcontractors' complete and sole responsibility to obtain total city, state, or county sign off and to provide Pacific West Builders, Inc. dba Idaho Pacific West Builders, Inc. with a complete set of "as-built plans" in order to submit for contract retention.

    4.  Coordinate with all banks, city representatives, government agencies, and superintendent to make corrections and avoid re-inspections.

    5.  Provide coordination with the other trades that precede this scope of work. Advise Pacific West Builders, Inc. dba Idaho Pacific West Builders, Inc. in writing, of any conflicts or problematic conditions.

    6.  Daily clean up and removal of all debris related to this scope of work, dumpster furnished by Pacific West Builders, Inc. dba Idaho Pacific West Builders, Inc.

    7.  Have a qualified foreman onsite at all times during execution of this scope of work able to communicate in verbal and written form to the satisgaction of the Contractor.

    8.  All employees shall at all times enforce strict disipline and good order and shall not employ and unfit person or anyone not skilled in the task as assigned by this subcontract. Conformance to OSHA safety orders is required at all times. All radios, tape players, etc. will not be used on site. No load or foul language will be permitted. No smoking will be allowed on the jobsite. All workers will be properly attired and conform with its IIPP: long pants, shirts with sleeves, hard-sole shoes in good condition and all safety equipment required. Subcontractor shall provide general contractor with all OSHA required MSDA sheets as soon as work commences.

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