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    Patterson Pass Water Booster Pump Station Replacement and Valpico Road Pressure Monitoring Station CIP 75097 & 75098
    Submitting Company
    City of Tracy
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    $ 1,300,000.000
    John Onken

    The general work to be done is as follows: Construction of new booster pump station at Patterson Pass consisting of four 1,000 gpm @ 60-horsepower each split case centrifugal pumps complete with accessories and concrete foundation pad; construction of control building with cooling equipment; installation of electrical/instrumentation and SCADA systems including but not limited to: main and transfer switches, motor control center, VFDs for the pumps, PLC’s, pressure switches, and site perimeter lighting. Additional work includes converting the Valpico booster pump station site to a pressure monitoring station. Project components include demolishing existing mechanical and electrical equipment, adding a RTU control panel for SCADA communication, adding Zone 1 and Zone 2 pressure transmitters, other electrical improvements, and addition of a new site access driveway and gate.

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