• Pump Stations
    Storm Pump Stations

    CWI has constructed well over 40 Storm Water Pump stations, which include outfall structures and discharge pipelines. The projects consists of either submersible pumps, vertical turbine pumps or mixed flow pumps in excess of 15 CFS and would normally include standby diesel generators and specialized instrumentation with communications. We have also constructed storm pump stations in combination with irrigation pumps for utilization of storm water for irrigation needs.

    CWIs ability to construct large cast- in- place structures with our own crews enables us greater control over the schedule of these types of projects where scheduling and coordinating subcontractors would delay progress. In fact, ConcoWest, Inc., Inc. self performs a higher percentage of work than any of our competitors, which benefits the cost to the Owner and the overall schedule.

    In the last few years, the majority of the storm pump stations we have constructed have been in areas where dewatering is necessary to construct the wet well structures. We are very experienced in dewatering and dealing with wet sub-grades, which enables us to keep our projects on schedule and within the budget for our clients.

    CWI recently completed the M1 & M2 Storm Pump Stations which included over 600 cubic yards of structural concrete wet wells, 30,000 gpm submersible pumping capacities, screen facilities, architectural buildings, controls and standby diesel generators.